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Raise Funds

Third party fundraising

Individuals, families, organizations and businesses are invited to create their own fundraising events with The Food Sharing Project as the beneficiary. There are lots of ideas, from a simple donation in honor of someone’s birthday, to a pledge campaign where donors support the organizer’s goal. 

The Food Sharing Project can help you design and promote your event, and set up an online donation page for your supporters.

Get in touch with us for more information on setting up a fundraiser.

Other ways to give back


Volunteers who want to help at schools with food programs need to contact the school at which they want to volunteer, and go through that school board’s volunteer process.

Become a
Monthly Donor

If you are able, we encourage you to consider becoming a monthly donor. Modest monthly donations add up to a big impact over the course of a year.

Leave a Legacy

Over the years, The Food Sharing Project has received several significant estate gifts bequeathed by donors in their wills.