Working together to help families

In partnership with Lionhearts and Rotary in Kingston, The Food Sharing Project is helping to support families of students who are struggling by providing weekend food support with a bi-weekly food box. Students already have access to healthy snacks and meals at school thanks to food provided by The Food Sharing Project and organized by a school coordinator. But some students’ families find it difficult to provide healthy food on the weekend at home, especially with the rapidly rising costs of food, plus paying for rent, utilities and gas in the car to get to work.

Volunteers from all three organizations will pack food boxes and deliver them directly to the homes of families who are referred to the program by their school contact. Food boxes will include fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, bread, cheese and other food, intended to offer breakfast and lunch support for the weekends.

The Food Sharing Project would like to acknowledge funding of $45,000 from the Province of Ontario that is being used to purchase food for the new weekend food support program.

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