Program Resources

This page includes resources, manuals and guidelines for eligible participating schools.


NEW – Guide to completing PCCC grant application 2020

All schools should apply to the PCCC grant program, with funding directed to The Food Sharing Project to support your Student Nutrition Program. See the Guide with assistance for completing the online application.

NEW – The Food Sharing Project 2020-21 Program Guidelines, as of Sept 3, 2020

September 3, 2020 – This document outlines the program guidelines for the 2020-21 school year, which include variations on past practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please become familiar with these program guidelines. Approved by LDSB and ALCDSB.

NEW – The Food Sharing Project Delivery Routes, effective Sep. 14, 2020

Due to the increased number of schools on our routes this year, as well as operating with different vehicles and different food products, our delivery schedule is subject to change “on the fly.” We appreciate your flexibility and patience. At this point, we cannot provide a more precise time of delivery other than the day of the week, and either morning or afternoon.

Note that drivers will not enter the schools with your food product. They will buzz the office or phone the office if there is no buzzer, and alert whomever answers that The Food Sharing Project has delivered food outside the entrance. Please advise your administrative staff who will be answering the buzzer/ phone.

Ontario Student Nutrition Program Nutrition Guidelines, 2016

This 2016 document outlines the nutritional guidelines for eligible Student Nutrition Programs. All food items provided by The Food Sharing Project meet the guidelines outlined, which are the current standard while the 2020 guidelines are being implemented.

SNP Nutrition Guidelines 2020
The Ontario Student Nutrition Program released new Nutrition Guidelines in CCC grant application 2020August 2020 to align with the Canada Food Guide, 2019. These guidelines will come into effect over the 2020-21 school year.
SNP Nutrition Guidelines Overview of Changes

This document gives an overview of the changes from the 2016 Nutrition Guidelines in the new 2020 Guidelines.

What Can I Serve?

This document is a great tool for evaluating what types of foods you can serve based on the food preparation facilities you have in your school. Prepared by the KFL&A Public Health.

KFL&A Public Health document: Food Safety Guidelines

This document provides a summary of safe food handling requirements in KFL&A.

Suggested Menus

Milk Products

Meats and Grains

Fruits and Vegetables

Webtracker Resources and Support

All eligible participating schools will access the Webtracker online platform for a variety of ordering and reporting functions. These functions are critical to the ability of The Food Sharing Project’s to support your school’s Student Nutrition Program.

Link to Webtracker

This link will take you to the Webtracker online platform’s log-in screen. You will note that the page includes the logo of the Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, which is the lead agency that oversees the south-east region, of which The Food Sharing Project is a part. All eligible schools will have a username and password. If you need your login credentials, contact Andy Mills at The Food Sharing Project.

Food Products Available (Catalogue) – updated Oct 27, 2020

This document provides information about the food products that are available to order in September 2020, in light of the enhanced health and safety precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. NOTE: Updated October 27 (some product, case size and price changes)

Placing an Online Order – added Sep 4, 2020

Instructions on how to place an order through the Webtracker online platform.

Monthly Reporting Guide (coming mid-September)

Reports are due the 7th of the month following (e.g. September report is due by October 7). Log in to Webtracker. Select “Monthly Report” tab. Click on appropriate month (e.g. September). Complete the report.


Archived documents from 2019-20 (being reviewed/ updated)

2019-2020 Online Reporting Guide

2019-2020 Data Reporting Form

How To Count Snacks & Meals (MCCSS)

Student Nutrition Programs School Responsibilities

Important Info to Know 2019-2020

Food Safety Workbook