2020 Fundraiser: Feeding Our Future Online Auction

JULY 13 to 22, 2020

As our scheduled March 28th fundraising event was cancelled, we have replaced the event with an Online Auction, which will take place on the MaxSold online platform beginning Monday, July 13, and ending Wednesday, July 22. 


Since schools closed in March due to the COVID pandemic, The Food Sharing Project has continued to support families whose children would normally have accessed nutritious food at their school’s meal and snack programs. Principals have referred families to us whom they felt would benefit from a box of healthy food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, pasta, proteins, and more. Food boxes – or grocery store gift cards – are provided every two weeks.

To date, we have provided over 8,000 food boxes and grocery store gift cards to families across the region. And with our community partners, including Kingston Rotary Clubs and Isthmus Canada, we will be continuing to provide support in July and August.


We have over 80 wonderful gifts donated by staff teams at schools in KFL&A, generous local businesses, and donors. Please be sure to follow us on our Facebook page @FoodSharingProject and on Twitter @fspkingston to get previews of fabulous donations.


A link to the MaxSold auction site will be posted here once the auction goes live, on July 13th. 


We continue to acknowledge the wonderful support of our lead partner, the Chinese Canadian Association of Kingston & District.


If you are interested in making a donation of an item or gift card to a local business, to support the work of The Food Sharing Project’s online auction, please contact Brenda Moore by email.