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Ways to Give

Monthly Donors

If you are able, we encourage you to consider becoming a monthly donor. Modest monthly donations add up to a big impact over the course of a year. You receive a donation receipt for all your gifts, and The Food Sharing Project can count on anticipated monthly revenue.

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Third party fundraising


Individuals, families, organizations and businesses are invited to create their own fundraising events with The Food Sharing Project as the beneficiary. There are lots of ideas, from a simple donation in honor of someone’s birthday, to a pledge campaign where donors support the organizer’s goal.

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Leaving a Legacy

Over the years, The Food Sharing Project has received several significant estate gifts bequeathed by donors in their wills. These generous gifts have allowed us to invest in our future and plan for the long-term, sometimes allocated to projects such a
s the purchase of our second delivery vehicle, our first fully refrigerated van, in 2020; or setting aside funds to enhance kitchen facilities in schools so a greater variety of fresh food can be served.

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In-kind donations of food

Typically, we do not accept donations of food. We must purchase food that meets provincial nutrition criteria, and we purchase in large quantities – sometimes we cannot accept food that is donated.