The Food Sharing Project is an attempt on the part of interested groups and individuals to ensure that children do not go through their school day hungry.

The Food Sharing Project is an example of an ideal model, as a partnership among the School Boards, the Food Bank and many community groups, businesses, service clubs, and individuals working together to feed children in schools.

Last year, 13,000 students were fed by our programs, which are located in 95 schools in the Limestone District School Board and the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board. Thousands of students are fed daily.

This is done through organized breakfast, lunch and/or hearty snack programs to meet the specific needs of their school communities.

Children are invited to eat and interact with others at school in a clean, relaxed, friendly, low- key program.

Should children be fed at school? Schools are involved in encouraging the social, emotional, academic and physical growth of children. This food sharing effort addresses an area of physical need that exists for many families for a variety of reasons. The program does not pretend to solve the problems that lead to hungry and malnourished children. Rather, it attempts to provide support for children who are victims of circumstances beyond their control. Efforts are made to avoid stigma and to keep participation voluntary and non-threatening.


Food Sharing Project

Why Feed Children In Schools?

Brenda Moore, Chairperson

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Food Sharing Project:

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December 15 & 16 were the dates for the Twelfth Annual  Breakfast in support of the Zal & Rose School Breakfast Fund of the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area.

The event was an outstanding success, as the two downtown restaurants were filled to capacity with generous people.


The Food Sharing Project was thrilled to receive an initial $8,000 contribution from owner, Zoe Yanovsky & the Community Foundation. Later in the year, the Community Foundation will also contribute the year’s proceeds from the School Breakfast Fund. Last year we were fortunate to receive $12,693 in support of our breakfast programs for a total of $20,923 from the annual event and fund distribution.


Thanks to the staff & management at Chez Piggy  and Pan Chancho for their time and their cheerful efforts to make these mornings the success that they are. And thanks to our wonderful community for attending and donating to this very worthy cause.